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 December 16, 2018  
“For the past 18 years, I have been employed with Seminole Boosters, Inc. at Florida State University as Director of Concessions, and additionally as Director of Parking for football games.

Although we have adequate restrooms inside the stadium, the restroom facilities in the parking lots are zero. With 24 parking lots and 4 motor home lots, restroom facilities become very important.

During this time, I had employed several different companies that provided portable restrooms, and each year I was confronted with all types of complaints involving filth, smell, placement, and supplies.

Prior to the 2002 football season, Mr. Fred Strauss approached me and asked if Talquin Portable Restrooms could bid for the work. Mr. Strauss and his company were awarded the contract and have completed the service for the past 2 football seasons. During this period of time, we have not received any complaints, and I have personally found Mr. Strauss to be one of the best contractors I have ever worked with.

In my opinion, anyone doing business with him will be more than satisfied.
--George Brand, Seminole Boosters
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