Construction Solutions

Some jobs call for special equipment, and we have you covered. Our construction models are durable and are built to handle the specific needs of construction sites. If you think you’re in need of special accommodations for your latest contract, browse our construction units below.

Standard Unit

Our standard construction units are accessible, well-ventilated, and equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers. These units can be serviced once a week or daily, depending on your needs. Same day delivery is available.


Whether for use on the first floor or twenty-first floor, this highly portable unit goes wherever the work is. Specifically tailored for high-rise construction, the Polylift can roll into construction elevators or be easily lifted by crane. With a durable exterior, this unit stands up to the rigors of construction. Save time and money by choosing a Polylift with close proximity to your crew.

Holding tanks

Our holding tanks are specifically designed and meant to be connected to job-site office trailers. With a capacity of 250 gallons, they extend the duration of your portable toilet until it can be serviced.

Sky hook units

Increase your crew’s productivity by providing an easily accessible restroom for workers at the top of construction sites. Sky Hook Units are a variation on our standard units. They are attached with metal slings that allow crane accessibility to be lifted to the top of high rise buildings.

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