Restroom Trailers

As Tallahassee’s only provider of restroom trailers, we service a wide range of events in the Big Bend. Perfect for large, upscale events, our mobile units provide guests with luxurious comfort and convenience.

The Porta Lisa

Our Porta Lisa unit is ideal for any event. Delivered clean, on time, and ready to use, the Porta Lisa is always a crowd pleaser.


The Porta Lisa XL

Our Porta Lisa XL is a great addition to any event. Complete with two private restrooms this model is has a bit more room than the Porta Lisa and means you will not have to sacrifice your budget for size.


The Porta Lisa 4 is a 2 door 4 stall restroom trailer. When you want a smaller trailer but still want multiple stalls this unit is the perfect mix. The Porta Lisa 4 also comes equipped with heat for those cold outdoor events.

The Versa 4

The Versa 4 is unique as it has 4 separate bathrooms giving you many different men/women configurations or make them all unisex.

The Advantage 7

The Advantage 7 is a spacious restroom trailer fully-equipped with private stalls, urinals, and air.

The Versa 5

Sleek design and modern comfort, the Versa 5 is equipped with stainless steel stalls that provide ultimate privacy for your guests. From events large to small, the Versa 5 will provide an excellent experience for everyone at the party.

The Versa 10

The Versa 10 is the largest in our fleet of restroom trailers. With ten total stalls, this trailer can accommodate both large and long events. Its contemporary design combines elegance and efficiency into one of our most popular models to date.

ADA +2

The ADA + 2 meets the ADA-compliant guidelines and gives an additional 2 more restrooms for a total of 3 stalls. This trailer can also be set up as a non-ADA trailer and the larger stall be used by a women’s restroom for the ladies and brides in dresses. The 3 stalls give you multiple configurations of men, women & unisex restrooms.

Generators - Generac

Need a trailer, but also need the power? We’ve got you covered with our Generac generators. We will deliver them alongside your trailer and will get you all hooked up.

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